Watch BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub & Netflix Abroad

Since 2011 Laptop Telly has helped thousands of British and American citizens access TV and media content from their native countries when overseas. If you wish to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK, or access US Netflix abroad, then we can be of assistance. We are constantly looking at the best deals out there for you.

IPTV: Internet Protocol Television is a great way of watching TV channels when overseas, the only drawback from this is 1. needing specialist hardware and 2. that the picture can quite often buffer due to servers being over stacked, particularity when watching big sporting events such as the world cup.

VPN: Virtual Private Networks are great for accessing TV apps from countries such as the United Kingdom and United States, as they switch your devices IP address to that of one from other the UK or USA. This is great in the fact that you do not need any external hardware and that the cost is significantly lower than IPTV. In addition to unblocking TV from overseas, it also allows you to access poker and gaming sites anywhere too.

HANDY TECH FOR 2019: VPN Technology has been around now since 1995 and is here to stay. It was originally used by IT workers wanting to remotely dial into work servers from home. In the past decade since the advent of TV players, it has been used to access services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Channel4’s ALL4 and a wide range of American TV apps when outside of America.



The best deal out there right now is from PRIVATRAX, one of the few VPN providers that actually unblock all British TV apps abroad on all devices. You can pay as little as $2 per month when purchasing 2 years upfront.