Watch BBC iPlayer When in Spain

Viva Espana, well not quite. Millions of Brits have laid on their backs in the Spanish sunshine for nearly 3 decades. They have had a generous exchange rate (some dole money from blighty) and an open visa to be there. What does it matter that they cannot speak a word of the local lingo…

Well a few things have changed since then and many Brits will be leaving soon but there are many who will stay and they love a bit of UK TV when in their Spanish homes. If you want to watch BBC iPlayer in Spain then you are ordinarily out of luck. You will need a VPN installed on your device and this will need to be switched to a UK IP address and this will of course allow you unrestricted access to all things British Television when in Spain and anywhere else for that matter.

PRIVATRAX are popular with Brits as they are one of the few that also unblocks ITV Hub as well, so no need for multiple subscriptions. When you have a VPN not only do you now have BBC, ITV anywhere, but you also have internet security and anonymity anywhere. If you are on public WIFI then it is always advised to use a VPN as hackers can always infiltrate data packets on public WIFI and steal your details. VPN technology has been around now for nearly 25 years and for the last 10 years has been the go to place for those wanting to access overseas content.

Watching Television is something that we all sadly do and even in sunny climates such as Spain this is still the case, particularly in the winter months. BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub along with All4 and My5 give you all of the British TV content that you desire and TV Player and TV Catch-up are 2 apps that allow British TV channels to stream live so you can get the full UK TV package of content anywhere abroad when you unblock these service by switching your IP address to that of one from the United Kingdom when using a UK VPN.

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