You can watch BBC TV abroad on many services these days such as BBC Prime in Europe and the Middle East, BBC America in North America and UKTV down under. This is great for watching British TV content anywhere in the world, but it is not great for new content.

If you want to watch BBC TV outside UK borders, you will need a VPN. A VPN is a great bit of tech that helps users not only close down the walls of the internet. But also gives them a great sense of privacy and security too. When you have a VPN installed on your devices, you will be able to unblock and access BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 and all other British TV apps and services. This is great not only for Television apps but also for gaming, poker and casino apps.

If you are a fan of American Television also then this access is also possible as most VPN providers will also have a USA server that you can switch across to for access to NBC, Fox and countless other USA only TV content providers.

PRIVATRAX ( are popular with expats living in Spain and other British hotspots around the world as they offer uncapped data usage, so you may stream HD or even 4K abroad without any worries.

Safety online is a big thing nowadays and one thing that a VPN offers is Internet security. When you are on a public WIFI network, or even more worryingly on your own WIFI network (if you have bad neighbours) anyone can steal your data packets and hack into your PayPal, banking apps, you name it. A VPN will of course prevent this. see your WIFI, they can sniff your data packets and with the right software running for several days, hack into your router and ultimately your data.

In the age of the Internet of Things, quite literally a disgruntled neighbour could play with your thermostat, open your garage door and even start your food blender off. Crazy things can happen when you have a digital footprint connected to things.

A VPN is something that is good for TV and so that is the main reason why you have initially heard of a VPN. Television apps are great for catching up not only on pre recorded TV but you can also stream live channels now as well. If you are outside of the UK and still within a favourable time zone, you may use apps such as TV Catch-up and TV Player when unblocked via a UK VPN. These will allow you to watch British TV channels such as BBC One and ITV1 when anywhere in the world. This technology is far superior to IPTV as it will not buffer, due to that fact that you are accessing the data streams direct from the TV companies rather than from a small IPTV companies servers.

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