When trying to use apps such as BET365 and PaddyPower outside of the UK, you will experience issues. Any gaming or TV app that is from the UK will not ordinarily work when abroad as they are all geographical locked to their country of origin. There is now thankfully a way around this at the click of a button.

VPN technology allows you to unblock bet365 abroad and start to use again as if you are in the UK. A VPN or virtual private network is a smart piece of technology that switches your IP address to that of one from the UK so that you may appear as though you are in the United Kingdom when in fact you could be anywhere.

This technology is mostly use to unblock and access TV apps abroad. If you wish to watch BBC IPlayer or ITV Hub when abroad then a VPN is the perfect solution. When you switch on a VPN on your laptop, tablet or smart phone, this will make you appear as though you are in the UK when in fact you could be anywhere. So if you are in Sydney Australia getting sick of Aussie TV, then you can flick a switch and start to watch UK TV shows for just a few pounds per month. If you wanted to do a similar thing a few years back you would have to pay out hundreds per year for expensive sling box technology, thankfully those buffering days have gone now.

PRIVATRAX is popular with British expats abroad as it switches its IP severs daily so that both BBC and ITV will run smoothly abroad. Similarly if you want to use poker or gambling sites or even casinos games then these will also work anywhere. Many people are starting to become wise to this technology and it is becoming widespread in its usage.

The installation of VPNS is pretty straight forward now, you either have an app or install directly onto the network settings of your device and the switch on every time that you wish to use. It is also advisable to use VPN technology when surfing on public WIFI as this will ensure that your data packets are not being intercepted by hackers anywhere. In addition to safety it also offers you the freedom to browse and download from the internet without anyone seeing your habits, perfect for those who love a torrent!

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