Watch BBC iPlayer in Malta

Malta is a great place to be and if you are living there, well lucky you. Malta has been for many years a popular tourist destination due to its great weather, its rich history and its location being situated right below all major European countries only a few hours away at the most.

The aftermath of the second world war left most British possessions wanting independence and ultimately this was the case for Malta, most people do not know however that Malta wanted the opposite to begin with. In 1955 Malta made a formal request to Westminster to become a part of the United Kingdom. It had seen a decade of NHS and rapid rebuilding in Britain and wanting this for itself. This path unfortunately for them was not allowed and it went it alone, and is now a thriving little EU member state.

This love of all things British though has stayed and being the only country outside of the British isles in Europe to have English as an official language, it has long been a country full of British people.

Where there are British expats there is a need for VPN usage. If you are in Malta and want to watch BBC iPlayer in Malta, then you will find that this is not possible, unless you have a VPN that is.

PRIVATRAX ( ) is popular with British expats and Maltese alike as it is one of the few that unblocks not only BBC iPlayer but ITV hub also and has not data limits, so you may stream until your heart is content. Streaming British TV when unblocked with a UK VPN in Malta is very easy now as most devices sit with a VPN installed on them easily. When you have a VPN running you will be able to access all UK TV channels streaming live via TV catch-up and TV player apps.

A VPN is used now for much more than just TV use of course, many people use one for internet security as it offers a great deal of internet security when connected, making sure that hackers cannot steal your data. So if you want to watch BBC iPlayer abroad then we do recommend that you do so via a VPN. PRIVATRAX have a UK/US VPN which will cover this need and has a reduced rate right now of just 3.99 GBP

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