If you wish to access GRINDR or any of kind of dating app gay or straight in the United Arab Emirates or any other Middle Eastern country, then you will have some trouble. Most dating apps, especially gay ones are banned and blocked in most middle east countries and so in order to access them you will need a VPN up and running on your devices.

PRIVATRAX is popular with expats living in the sandpit as it unblocks British and American TV apps there. The great thing about VPN usage is that not only does it unblock TV and dating apps, but it is also anonymous too so that the local ISP and government authorise will not see what you are doing, something which is very important in strict conservative nations such as the UAE and KSA.

When you have a VPN up and running on your phone and tablet you will be able to download and use a whole host of apps and websites that would ordinarily be very much out of reach to you in your current location. If you are looking to date or hook up in your location then you really do need to cover your tracks. The UAE is not as bad as KSA, but in KSA  you do literally have to watch your back, as there are vigilante groups who can infiltrate your data and see that you are looking at apps such as Grindr and Pouncr.

A VPN costs only a few dollars per month and offers multiple befits from its usage. When you have one running you will also be able to download music and movies from torrent sites without your ISP from ever knowing. You will also be able to use VOIP services such as Skype and Whatsapp without anyone either knowing or being able to intercept you data packets.

Privacy and anonymity are both precious things and fortunately a VPN gives you both of these. They are also pretty easy to install on most devices and will allow every phone, tablet and laptop on your house to sit behind them.

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